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A well written life.
Yummmy in my tummy!! 
Apparently I’m into the oddest things lol!!

"There is not a particle of life which does not bear poetry within it"

- ― Gustave Flaubert (via psych-quotes)



Its so upsetting that most of the people re-blogging this will still continue funding animal cruelty even though they’re so “against” it. 
The meat industry is animal cruelty.
The fish industry is animal cruelty. 
The dairy industry is animal cruelty.
The egg industry is animal cruelty.
The wool industry is animal cruelty.
The fur industry is animal cruelty.
The leather industry is animal cruelty.
Companies testing their products on animals is animal cruelty. (Including ones with parent companies who do.)
(Yet i can guarantee a huge majority of you still purchase products by L’Oreal, Maybelline, Neutrogena, Avon, Garnier, Clearasil, Revlon, Johnson’s, Listerine, Colgate, Schwarzkopf, CoverGirl, Veet, Urban Decay, Aveeno, Unilever, Max Factor, Herbal Essences, Dove, etc.)

According to the USDA, 98% of all animals that are abused on this planet, are abused by the meat, dairy and egg industries. Objecting to the 2% and ignoring the 98% is illogical and hypocritical.

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood."

- ― Ralph Waldo Emerson (via psych-quotes)

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."

- ― Orison Swett Marden (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)

I love apples!!!! And having my nails painted (;
Can’t fall asleep without my almond milk;D  Tomorrow is such a big day! ! I’m so ready for it!! Gooodnight TUMBLR