Amisadai Naari

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On my way to worship service after a long, hard day at work. #withmypretty
I try to be a good influence lol 
But I’m not perfect!  Butt I am a runner!!!!>:-D 

There is no one on this earth like my Nancy ;-)  #girlsjustwannahavefun #thatsmilethough #heartbreaker
Long board for days
Pieology with the bestie
Pray they accept me!  The group is limited to 20 ppl
Got to catch up with my best friend over dinner right before work. ^~^ so happy he is back in my life!
Goood morning everyone. What is everyone up to today?  I’m about to head out to school. #Greenjuice #wheatgrass #delishhh
Sunday fun day with ADS <3
A day in the life